REFLEX Kids is a licensing-exempted gymnastics skills program. We are NOT a state licensed childcare program or facility. 

After school (Monday-Friday), our REFLEX Kids vans will pick-up and take your “precious cargo” to REFLEX for a variety of safe and fun gymnastics activities until 6:30p.m.

Your child is required to bring clothing for gymnastics activities (leotard, athletic shorts w/no zippers/buckles/buttons) and bare feet. Girls must have their hair pulled back in ponytail. No jewelry can be worn.

Weekly Activities

  • After-School Snack from home

  • Instructional Gymnastics

  • Open Gym Time

  • Trampoline/Tumble Track

  • Tumbling

  • Strength/Conditioning Obstacles

  • Gymnastics Games

  • Evening Snack

  • REFLEX Fun Fort/Pit Fun


  • 2:45 – 3:30 pm – Pickup from Schools

  • 3:30 – 4:00 pm – Snack from home

  • 4:00 – 4:15 pm – Restroom/Change clothes

  • 4:15 – 5:30 p.m. – Gymnastics/Gym activities

  • 5:30 – 6:00 p.m. – Snack/Restroom

  • 6 – 6:30 p.m. – REFLEX Fun Fort/Pit Fun

Available Schools

  • Carleston Elementary

  • Lawhon Elementary

  • Massey Ranch Elementary

  • Magnolia Elementary

  • Silvercrest Elementary

  • Silverlake Elementary

  • Shirley Dill Elementary

  • Jamison Middle School

  • Rogers Middle School

  • Sablatura Middle School


  • $25/day for 1 or 2 days, $19/day for 3, 4, or 5 days

  • $380.00 per month

  • Yearly Registration Fee: $30.00

  • Drop-ins are welcome…REFLEX must be notified by 10:00am (must have CC on file)

*if your school is not listed we will get you on our waiting list for that school…we must have 5 children committed before we can accommodate that school…spread the word and we will add your school to our route!

**If your child has a class @4:15pm, 5:15pm or 6:15pm…we will make sure they are in class and their pick up time would be after class!

REFLEX Kids artwork 2019


REFLEX kids require a guarantee form of payment to be left on file at all times. Your credit card will automatically be charged the 1st of each month for the school year regardless of school closings and holidays. If you are a drop in for the day(s) or week your credit card will be charged immediately for the time needed.

If you are needing your child to be picked up for the day, it is your responsibility to notify the school, and notify REFLEX by 10:00 a.m. that morning. Reminder calls or emails will not be made or sent.

If your card is declined or your payment is not received on time, an extra charge of $10.00 will apply. If not paid in full, plus late fee by the 5th of the month, the student will be restricted from after school transportation and class participation until the account is current.

REFLEX Kids after school transportation does NOT provide on Alvin/Pearland ISD student holidays, early release days, 1/2 days and school closings.

Team Gymnasts

If your child is a gymnast on one of our competitive teams and would like to participate in the “TRAVELING TEAM” after school program; your child will be provided transportation to the gym and will have time to relax and get changed, have a snack and get mentally prepared for practice. If time allows before your child’s team practice time she will receive “gym time” doing trampoline, rope,

bounce coordination and pit conditioning.

  • – COST: $15.00 per day

Policies & Procedures

Children must conduct themselves in a manner which does not jeopardize themselves, other children, staff or the facility. The following procedures will be used to address issues when they arise:

  • 1st offense: Verbal warning to child/parent or guardian will be verbally notified.
  • 2nd offense: Written warning sent home to parent/guardian and will also be verbally notified of possible removal of next activity.
  • 3rd offense: Parent/guardian meeting will be scheduled to discuss solution to problem or immediate dismissal will be addressed. Parents will forfeit any fees for the remainder of session.

Code of Conduct

  • Children are treated with respect and are to be respectful of others
  • Children are to be respectful of school property and property of others
  • Children are to use proper language
  • Children are to stay with their designated group and instructor
  • Children are to show good sportsmanship

Inclement Weather

In the event of serious severe weather conditions, REFLEX holds the right to cancel after school transportation with a two hour notice to the parent/guardian or contacting the parent/guardian to pick up their child early if needed due to inclement weather conditions. We ask that you keep in contact with REFLEX when severe weather conditions are in effect.

Sign In/Sign Out

Each REFLEX kids van will have a designated list of children to be picked up at designated schools. If your child’s name if not on the designated list your child will not be picked up. Please keep the front office notified in advance (by 10:00am) (281-412-3350) if you are adding your child for the day. If your child is on the designated list and your child is not present at time of pick up; the office will be notified, they will try and contact you and your account will be assessed an additional fee of $10.00. Please keep us notified (by 10:00am) (281-412-3350) when your child is ill or not going to school so we may update our designated pick up list for the day. Authorized adults must be listed on the registration form in order sign a child out for the day. Unauthorized adults will not be allowed to pick up a child. When adding an authorized Adult it must be in writing and the office will ask for proper ID prior to the child being released.

Emergency Contact

Two emergency contact numbers will be needed for each child. If child becomes ill or injured, parent/guardian will be contacted immediately. If parent/guardian is not available, emergency contact will be called.

Emergency Procedures

During the year the children will be performing safety drills in the event of a fire, tornado or security lockdown. Parent’s will be notified as soon as possible by email or cell should the situation ever occur.

Drop Policy

REFLEX kids require a TWO-WEEK written drop notice. If you have paid for a given month or week or day, please note that we will apply any applicable paid tuition to your account as a gym credit.  ** WE DO NOT ISSUE REFUNDS. **


If your child is ill or running a fever during program hours, we will promptly notify you and we will need for you to pick up your child as soon as possible. Please understand that we want to keep our kids and staff healthy! If your child has been absent for over 3 days, please send us a doctor’s note that allows your child to return to the gym.

Fee for Late Pick-up

Activities are until 6:30pm. Children attending afterschool need to be picked up by 6:30pm. A late fee is applied for anyone picked up after 6:30pm, please be prepared to pay a late fee of $1.00/minute (for excessive lateness).

Sibling Discount

A $5.00/mo. discount will be applied for multiple siblings in the program. This only applies to children who are in the 5 days/week afterschool
transportation program.