• Program Overview- Reflex PGA’s recreational program now offers continuous enrollment, which means, once you have signed up for classes you will stay enrolled in that class until you inform us that you are discontinuing classes. If you are planning on discontinuing classes, you must notify us in writing by the 5th of the preceding month (for example, we would need notification by July 5th to discontinue lessons in August). You may pick up a drop notice form at any time by stopping by the front desk. NO REFUNDS will be given. We reserve the right to change or cancel any class that does not fill.
*Class enrollment is month-to-month on a YEAR ROUND basis (including summer) so your child is automatically enrolled each month until you provide written notice of withdrawal. You can request a drop notice form at the front desk.*

• Annual Membership Fee-
I understand that there is a NON-REFUNDABLE annual family membership fee of $45 due at registration that is valid until the following August.

• Tuition-
Tuition is due at the first of each month for all paying clients. • A $5 discount will be taken if enrolled in AutoPay; AutoPay is run on the 1st of the month for the following month. • If the 1st falls on a Saturday it will be charged on the Friday before, if it falls on Sunday it will be charged on the following Monday. • I understand that a $10 late fee will be charged to my account on any unpaid tuition on the 10th of the month. • I understand that I must provide a credit card to be put on file as a guarantee of payment.  • I understand that ALL unpaid balances will be charged to this card on the 15th of each month. • I also understand these charges will include the $10 late fee. • I understand that tuition will only be prorated the month of registration, if necessary. No other months will be prorated. Tuition is based on a 48 week schedule. • I understand if my account is 30 Days past due, RPGA has the right to drop my student from class due to non payment. • I understand that my account balance must be paid in full before re-enrolling in classes again.
If paying by check, and the check is returned to us for any reason, a $30 fee will be charged to your account; payment is due immediately upon notification. • All registration fees and tuition are due at the time of enrollment. • All payments are NONREFUNDABLE. • All credits on your account must be used within 6 months for 100% of the value. After 6 months credits may be used at 50% of the value up to one year.

• Refunds-
I understand that the annual membership fee and tuition are non-refundable. Absolutely NO REFUNDS.

• Drops-
I understand that a 30-DAY WRITTEN NOTICE is required to DROP from a class. You must notify us in writing by the 5th of the preceding month (for example, notification by July 5th to discontinue lessons in August). You may pick up a drop notice form at any time by stopping by the front desk. I understand that I am responsible for tuition for the month the notice was NOT given. Notices received after 30-day window will be prorated and processed, and will take affect the following month.

• Make-Ups & Gym Closures-
I understand that REFLEX The Pearland Gymnastics Academy will be closed on ALL major holidays, i.e. the week of Spring Break, Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Year as well as Labor Day, Memorial day & the 4th of July (these are subject to change). Because of this, I understand that RPGA charges 48 weeks out of the year and divides it by 12 months giving your average monthly total, i.e. no prorated months. Students are allowed ONLY one make-up class per month, you have 30 days from the missed class date to schedule a make-up class. You may reschedule any additional make-ups within a 30 day time frame for an additional fee of $15. I understand that if my child has already had 1 make-up class for the month, I cannot schedule a make-up class the following month from the same month of the original missed class.  I understand that REFLEX The Pearland Gymnastics Academy may cancel any classes due to inclement weather, coach illness, or an emergency and that the class could possibly be rescheduled for a makeup but not guaranteed. I understand that a credit is not given for a child’s absence due to vacations or illnesses, nor is credit given if REFLEX The Pearland Gymnastics Academy must be closed due to weather events, national emergencies or any other events beyond our control.

• Time Schedule-
You should arrive to class 5 mins prior to your child’s class start time ready to go. We will start our classes at the scheduled start time, if your child is late to class they can still come into class within a 15 min time frame. If it is 15 mins past your scheduled start time, we ask that you schedule a makeup class with the front desk.

• Weather-
With our gym being enclosed we will have classes rain or shine. However if the weather conditions create dangerous road conditions we may cancel classes. You can check for any weather updates on our Facebook page and our website. We will also send out an email/text alert to all families scheduled for classes on that day. If you choose not to come to your class because of bad weather and we are still having classes, we will not reschedule those classes but you are welcome to schedule a makeup if you haven’t already used your one makeup for that month.

• Illness-
Do not send your child with any illness or fever/temperature 100 degrees and above. Any fever must be gone for a full 24 hour without medication before returning to classes.

• Parent Supervision-
Please do not send your child into the gym until a coach calls for their scheduled class time. All children must be supervised by a parent at all times when not inside the gym.

• Line of Communication-
Text and email notifications are sent out for time sensitive messages, such as weather cancelations, other closures, or any important gym information. Our main form of communication with our families is by email, we will only text you with time sensitive information. Please update your contact information in your parent portal or by contacting our front desk.

• Weapons and Gun-Free-
To ensure that Reflex Pearland Gymnastics Academy maintains a safe workplace and is violence free for all employees and families, we prohibit the possession or use of dangerous weapons and/or guns on gym property, with the exception of law enforcement.

• Photo & Video-
I grant Reflex Pearland Gymnastics Academy, its licensees, its successors and those acting with its permission to use my child’s likeness in a photograph, video or sound recording in any social media or website posting. (If you DO NOT want your child’s photo taken, please write that in the comment section and we will make a note of it).

• Attendance-
I understand that classes with 2 or fewer students in attendance for the day will end 10 minutes early.

• Instructors-
I understand class instructors are subject to change without notice.

• Gym Attire-
GIRLS GYMNASTICS ATTIRE – leotards, soft shorts optional (no zippers or buckles), no socks, hair must be pulled out of the face, NO JEWELRY. BOYS GYMNASTICS ATTIRE- soft t-shirt & shorts (no zippers or buckles), no socks. TUMBLING ATTIRE- soft t-shirt & shorts (no zippers or buckles), socks & tennis shoes, hair must be pulled out of the face.

• Acknowledgement of Risk-
I/WE fully understand that gymnastics, cheerleading, and tumbling involve motion and height, and that any participation in physical activities, including gymnastics, tumbling and/or cheerleading, that involves motion and/or height can result in serious permanent injury, disability, and/or death.
PERMISSION TO PARTICIPATE – with knowledge of the risk of possible injury, disability or death from participation in gymnastics, tumbling, and/or cheerleading. I/We the Parent(s)/Legal Guardian(s) of the person of the student(s) enrolled do hereby grant permission for the student to participate in gymnastics, tumbling, and/or cheerleading at REFLEX Pearland Gymnastics Academy.
ASSUMPTION OF RISK AND RELEASE FROM LIABILITY – I/We hereby assume all risks for the student’s personal injury, including disability, and/or death, sustained by the student while participating in gymnastics, tumbling, and/or cheerleading at REFLEX Pearland Gymnastics Academy, its officers, directors, supervisors, instructors, and employees of and from any and all liability any of them may have for any injury, including disability and/or death, sustained by the student without limit and without regard to the cause or causes thereof or the negligence of any party or parties.
CONSENT TO MEDICAL CARE – I/We do hereby authorize any adult officer, director, supervisor, instructor, or employee of REFLEX Pearland Gymnastics Academy who has care and control of the student to consent to any medical treatment of the student when I/We cannot be contacted pursuant to 35.01 of the Texas Family Code which, in the judgement of any prospective treating doctors, is immediately and medically necessary to treat any injury sustained by the student.